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Be Kind to Yourself Meal Plan Printable

Be Kind to Yourself Meal Plan Printable

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I have been sharing about meal planning for YEARS and I’ve made and shared a few meal planning resources. However, I’ve never shared anything THIS detailed. Essentially, I made the resource that I needed when I first became a mom and in the years that followed, and if you need a refresh

I am a busy mom and work at home entrepreneur and don’t have a ton of time to spend on cooking, BUT it’s a huge priority to cook at home for budget and health reasons. I’m a person who loves healthy meals but don’t love spending a ton of time following a long recipe. I also have two kids who don’t eat exactly the same foods as anyone else in the family. I also stick to a pretty strict weekly food budget and believe that it IS possible to eat well on a budget. Finally, I believe in a mix of meat-based and vegetarian recipes and find that many “easy” meal plans tend to be SUPER meat-heavy.

I’ve had seasons (postpartum with 2 under 2 in the pandemic, for example) when life felt totally overwhelming. Meal planning and prep was a HUGE stress relief and a way for me to be kind to myself. I made this resource for people like me, who need support and a clear plan in order to feel less overwhelm and more gratitude for access to healthy food options. I made the system that I needed in my own hard seasons.

This system is a great option for you if you:

  • are responsible for feeding yourself/your household but are going through a season of overwhelm OR

  • are not currently meal planning/prepping and need some support in this area of your life

  • do not feel like you have the mental energy to plan meals or prep ahead of time

  • have trouble finding meal plans that feature easy “assembly”-type meals

  • thrive in systems of structure and don’t mind a bit of repetition in the name of simplicity

  • like a mix of vegetarian and meat-based recipes, or are willing to make simple adjustments to the plan

This is not a great option for you if you:

  • don’t like to repeat meals

  • consider yourself a “foodie” with super adventurous tastes / have a strong desire to try detailed/adventurous recipes

  • already have a system that’s working super well for you

What’s included:

  • Three weekly “rotations” of meals — 6 meals per week with one day left open for leftovers or takeout

  • Each of the 3 rotations includes a one page meal plan/ simple instruction list (no long recipes!!) to print and keep on your fridge or in a binder

  • Each rotation also includes a corresponding shopping list organized by section of the store

  • Each rotation also includes a meal prep check list with recommendations for how to structure meal prep time once or twice a week, podcast recommendations and more.

  • A few additional pages: a quick page of breakfast guidance, a quick page of lunch guidance, a blank weekly template for your own use.

  • 22 pages total in printer friendly black and grey ink.

Please note that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan, and you may want to swap and sub proteins, add, or change cooking methods. That’s totally fine! Please also note that there IS repetition from week to week, so you can expect to see Breakfast for Dinner repeated three times across three weeks. Choosing loose daily themes is a super helpful way to simplify the plan.

Sample meals:

  • Ground Turkey Bowls

  • Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl Muffin Tins

  • Pizza Night

  • Three iterations of Breakfast for Dinner (ex: Crustless Quiche)

  • Chickpea Pasta and Chicken Sausage

  • BBQ Tofu and Sweet Potatoes

  • …and so on!

Questions? Let me know!

I hope this resource is a blessing to you!

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