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Valentine Printables

Valentine Printables

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You're busy, so I've made you a resource to make your life easier! Simple valentines to attach to equally simple little treats. This yearly offering started when my own daughter was a baby and exchanged valentines at her preschool... I wanted to give out valentines that the young toddlers could actually enjoy, like goldfish or cheerios -- not sticky candy she was too young for. 

As my kids have gotten older, I still love looking for valentine ideas that skip candy all together -- simply because most kids get plenty of it, and it's fun to exchange little trinkets instead. 

This packet includes several valentines -- perfect for a range of kid ages and interests in your family -- and even comes with a bonus sheet that will allow YOU to make a special valentine for each of your kiddos. 


  • Valentine, let's stick together (to add to a sheet of stickers)
  • Valentine, you're a great catch (to add to a bag of goldfish) 
  • Hope your Valentine's Day is poppin' (for bubbles, pop-its, or popcorn)
  • Happy Valentine's Day unicorn valentine (to add to a treat or trinket)
  • XOXO dinosaur valentine  (to add to a treat or trinket)
  • Bonus valentine sheet for parents/adults to fill out for kids

Suggested use: Print in color on card stock and trim inside the black outer trim lines. 

For personal use only. Please do not reproduce.

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